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Maggie's Blog- Louise Bourgeois: Passage Dangereux

Artist: Louise Bourgeois
Work: Passage Dangereux
Year: 1997
Material: Mixed Media
Size: 264X356X876 cm

Background of the Artist
Began her career in sculpture as she was “not satisfied with its(painting) level of reality”
Her work has a degree of feminism
Common features of work: around her lifelong experience, especially idea of “home”
Later work: derived from childhood experience of her father hysterically

About The Work 

Long corridor with chain- link fencing
Cage- like house:fear and loss of freedom
With arched doors at the end of a central passage: : seems like the structure of a catherdral
Inside place some domestic furniture and bric-a-brac, but in a strange way
For example: a glass bowl contains bones, rabbit ears- like marbles place aside of white cuffs
Many textures and surfaces were used, like wood, metal, glass, leather, etc: different impression of home and feeling

 Uncanny with designed in a strange way
View different position and angles have different experiences within the architectural structure and its objects
Strange contrasts of lines and volume within a wire mesh “skin”
 White cuffs with the word “Bourgeois”
-represent her memory of father dressed in starched, laundered shirts
Empty bottle with bracelets
Child- size ch and secret compartments
memory of her childhood

While House give people a sense of "comfortable, secure place" to live in, Bourgois present in a cage- like place, look like a prison or animal cage
 Bodily amputation throughout Bourgeois' s work
- amputated feet merged with metal rods
- -> evoke multi meanings and symbolic associations

Work about Gender
Bourgeois followed the female movement that used wastes, pollution in representing “horror” which suggested by Julia Kristeva in 1982
Contrast between male minimalist artists: Messy disordered and full of rubbish VS clean lines and geometric forms

Overall of the work
 Psychological disturbance and alienation
Reflection of personal life

My opinions on the work:
Cage-like home: visible uncomfortable, and invisible painful (shadow) that memories can never be forgotten
Playful with light treatment, create confusion of both the physical and the optical boundaries of the work, encourage to respond kinaestheically
No escape for Bourgeois in her early life

First impression of the Work
I think of Cage House in Hong Kong
Hard life, want to escape from the cage to have a new life
Pressure from family


 Both Homebound (Mona Hatoum) and Passage Dangereux (Louise Bourgeois) present the theme of Home, which piece do you think is more uncanny?
Is personal experience is an important element for the theme of Home?

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